The power and value of data is no longer a question. In business, data has long been used to increase profits. Market and product analyses, process optimisation and controlling are the basis for successful business enterprises.

In the social sector, this data revolution has not yet arrived. There, the financial means or the know-how to fully exploit the potential of data is usually missing.

Many NGOs, associations or social institutions do not see the added value that an evaluation of their data can have for them. They are usually busy with their daily business - hard enough to get people excited about the social good.

SIDATA supports these social organisations on a voluntary basis. We help to achieve charitable goals more efficiently. The effect of aid measures is to be optimized with data support. In addition, it should be made visible to the world how much good is already being done. 

Not for money, for good!


With a strong team of enthusiastic, dedicated data specialists from various fields,

we fight for


The impact of social projects and measures is to be optimised through data analysis:

  • Poverty alleviation

  • Advocacy for the well-being of children

  • Combating hunger

  • Creating access to health care

  • Improving education

  • Protection of the environment

  • Reduction of animal suffering

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We support NGOs, associations and social projects of all kinds.

No matter whether you have been involved for years or shortly after the foundation.

We believe that any social engagement can be efficient and goal-oriented.

It is important that

charitable purposes and no economic interests are pursued.

As we are completely voluntary ourselves, we expect the same from the organisations we work with.


"Verbunden werden auch die Schwachen mächtig"

(Friedrich Schiller)

We are bringing together professionals and social projects and are currently building a team of data specialists from different fields:

  • Data scientists

  • Geonformatics

  • Web developer

  • Database provider

  • Programmer

Depending on the project and requirements, we expand our team flexibly. 

In addition, we always strive to cooperate with well-known software and database providers in order to offer our support with the latest products.


Cup of Tea

Marketing Campaign

Emergency Medical Service Dhulikhel, Nepal

ongoing project

The rescue service in the catchment area of Dhulikhel Hospital is still in its infancy. A system of meanwhile 8 rescue stations is based on the vision of a committed Nepalese doctor ... (more)

Dynamic refugee atlas of Middle East and North Africa using R statistical language

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) registers thousands of refugees worldwide every day. An atlas in R statistical language has been produced, which shows the distribution of the fugitives ... (more)

SIDATA is still in its infancy, so we are currently looking for a dedicated core team to drive our project forward on a voluntary basis. So if you work full-time with data and want to contribute your know-how in a meaningful way alongside your job, then get in touch with us!

We are based in Munich, but we also support from remote.

In addition, we would like to give dedicated data geeks the opportunity to participate in individual projects.

We're looking for you



Do you know a social project, a club or an organization that needs support in handling or an evaluation of your data, then write to us at socialdataimpact@gmail.com


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